Review of Trust Equestrian Part 1

I found out about this company a couple of years ago when I was looking for a new bit for my sensitive horse. He had originally been in a Waterford bit, which was too much for him. We had tried traditional single and double jointed snaffle bits, but he ranthrough each one. I couldn’t stop him, let alone touch his mouth until we tried the Trust Inno Sense Flexi Soft bit. What sets this Dutch based company apart from others is that they understand each horse has different needs. Trust Equestrian has three different lines of bits: Sweet Iron, Inno Sense, and Leather. With 20 types of mouthpieces and 29 different types of cheek pieces, you can find what works best for your horse. They are expensive and hard to find in the U.S. I would say they are priced similarly to Herm Sprenger. Trust Equestrian is working to market their bits more in the States in order to make it easier for American clients to purchase.


*All Trust bits are handmade and are non toxic/FDA approved.


Champ at HITS Saugerties using the d-ring Inno Sense Flexi Soft bit.

Photo used with permission by ESI Photography


Closeup of the same bit.


  • High quality, non toxic materials
  • The Flexi Soft bits are especially good for sensitive or young horses.
  • The Flexi Soft bits are even softer than traditional metal bits.


  • $$$ expensive
  • Hard to find in the U.S
  • There’s always the chance a horse could chew through the Inno Sense bits, so be careful using them with a horse that’s a bit chewer.
  • May be seen as a gimmick by some ultra conservative American trainers (eg. George Morris) due to the white mouthpiece making it look like a Happy Mouth bit.

Would I recommend: YES!!

These bits are definitely worth the money. Highly recommend for all horses.

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