Review of the EcoGold Secure Saddle Pad

      Searching high and low for a pad that will help keep the saddle in place on a horse with shark fin withers is no easy feat. That is, until I came across EcoGold. Originally, I heard about them a few years ago when I had Champ. Champ did not have the dreaded shark fin withers that caused everything to slide everywhere. At the time, I could only comment how their pads stayed in place without billet straps due to their nonslip sticky grip that maintains contact with the horse’s back as well as how well they wash. I can tell you that EcoGold consistently lives up to it’s name. This is a pad truly worth it’s weight in gold!! A few months ago, I started leasing Teddy, a huge Mustang with true shark finned withers. The saddle slid back and to the right side. I put an EcoGold Secure pad on and it made a world of difference. Both the saddle and pad stay perfectly in place and the saddle only minimally slides to the right. A huge difference from jamming my left heel down to prevent the saddle from slipping too far to the right. This pad is a lifesaver for both Teddy and myself. No question I will be getting more of their pads down the road.



Teddy sporting his new EcoGold Secure XC pad in navy.




  • Non-slip; will help keep your saddle in the correct place
  • Washes very well and actually stays clean, even with white pads (Make sure you use chlorine-free detergent and wash pads with warm water on a gentle cycle. Hang up to dry. DO NOT PUT IN THE DRYER.)
  • They dry quickly
  • Comes in just about every color; they also have shaped pads for hunter/eq horses


  • Expensive ($170)
  • Despite them claiming its 100% percent breathable, I don’t notice a difference. My horse still sweats about the same as he would in a normal pad

Would I recommend this product?

YES!! Highly recommend for anyone who has had issues with saddle pads sliding off the horse.



2 thoughts on “Review of the EcoGold Secure Saddle Pad”

  1. Sounds tempting! Where did you buy the pad? Do they have a shop in Dover, Delaware? I live here and want to see the pads before buying.

    1. I bought my first one at Dover Saddlery. Unfortunately they no longer sell them. The rest of my EcoGold pads I bought directly from EcoGold. Check your local tack shops to see if they vary any EcoGold. If all else fails, Smartpak carries them and they are awesome about accepting returns!

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