Holiday Gift Ideas 2018

Stuck on what to spoil your two and four legged friends or family members for the holidays?

Here are some gift ideas for 2018 holiday season:


Noelle Floyd Insider Subscription: $149 a year to join; includes exclusive videos, articles, exciting new content and of course a full subscription to Noelle Floyd Magazine. Perfect way to keep busy on those long road trips or flying.

Link to Noelle Floyd online magazine:

Become a NF Insider:


Star Stable Star Rider Lifetime Subscription: Yes, I know. This is a game for kids, but I can see how it would appeal to young adults. The graphics are amazing and the storylines are quite interesting, even a bit dark at times. Star Stable takes place on a fantasy island called Jorvik, where you can fuel your horse addiction by purchasing virtual horses with Star Coins (in my case, it’s a warmblood addiction). It’s no surprise that Star Stable was created in Sweden. The virtual landscape definitely has a Scandinavian vibe to it. Every week, Star Stable is updating with new content. When my Lyme Disease is acting up and I can’t get to the barn, I find this a great escape. It’s $74.99 for lifetime subscription. You can also do a monthly subscription for $8.49 or a 3-month subscription for $20.99, but I don’t recommend it if you’re playing it intermittently, as the monthly costs will add up say, you take a break from playing for a while. You can play for free up until level 5, which can give you an idea whether or not Star Stable is for you as you don’t have to commit right away.

Link to Star Stable:


PS of Sweden Bling Click-It Browbands: If you own a PS of Sweden bridle, this is a lovely stocking stuffer for your horse. My personal favorite is the Golden Delight, as it reminds me of autumn.


PS of Sweden Golden Delight Browband 95 USD 

Photo credit: PS of Sweden

Link to PS of Sweden Website


EcoLicious Equestrian Hands On Therapeutic Hand Repair Lotion: Perfect gift to treat your trainer, barn friends, or yourself to, especially if you are prone to cracked dry hands in the winter. This lotion has Certified Organic Hemp oil as well as avocado, banana, and shea butter. It has a sweet orange scent to it that will make your hands smell good. hands_on_high

EcoLicious Hands On Therapeutic Hand Repair Lotion 12.70 USD

Photo credit: EcoLicious Equestrian


Custom De La Coeur ear net: I know I’m not the only one that uses ear nets just to keep the flies off. This Canadian company makes gorgeous custom ear nets that look stunning on any horse. You can choose many different color options as well as add crystals or rhinestones. If you have a horse that’s a bit spooky at shows and would benefit from ear muffs, De La Coeur also makes soundproof ones. These are a great alternative to ear plugs, which can be uncomfortable for some horses. If you’re looking for something nice to splurge on, an ear bonnet from De La Coeur is a great choice!


Photo credit: De La Coeur

If you want to see more of De La Coeur’s gorgeous designs, go check out their Instagram page and give them a follow:  @de_la_coeur



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